8 Reasons Why Canned Coffee Is Popular On The Go

Reasons Why Canned Coffee Is Popular On The Go
Reasons Why Canned Coffee Is Popular On The Go

Canned coffee has had an enduring impression on the Japanese beverage culture. If you have ever walked the congested streets of Tokyo or ridden the trains in Japan, you have undoubtedly seen vending machines selling bottled coffee. The bottles or cans are usually sealed perfectly with the help of high-end can seamer machines from top can seaming machine manufacturers to retain the quality.  

Canned coffee is highly respected in Japan. Japan loves it because it is convenient and, of course, delicious.  

A coffee drinker accustomed to making their own brew might be surprised to learn how commonplace bottled coffee is. Is it possible that it tastes that good? Do Japanese people drink coffee because they have to or because they enjoy the taste? IHere, you’ll find the answers to these and other pressing issues.  

1: Very Convenient And User-Friendly

It’s possible that certain people, like the Japanese who value their work time so highly, don’t like preparing coffee. To consistently produce a tasty cup of coffee, some know-how and investment of time are required.  

However, whether you prefer a latte, a black coffee, or an espresso, you may find it all in a can of coffee.  

2: Value For Money Is Higher.

Buying a can of coffee is cheaper than buying a cup at a popular coffee shop. There is a wide price range for canned coffee, from under $1.50 to over $2. 

A large latte at Starbucks in Japan costs just under $4, which is a significant saving. 

3: Design-Wise, The Can Stands Out

The volume of the first UCC container was 250 milliliters. The 190 ml cans were introduced in the 1970s, and both the 125 ml and 190 ml cans are still in use today.  

Neither the 250 ml nor the 190 ml can size indicates the flavor, although iced coffee cans are often shorter and wider and hold 280 ml. It’s difficult to get cans in the standard American size (350 ml), but Dydo makes one of their coffee varieties just for the American market.   

Cans in the shape of a barrel are also widely used. However, the Roots use a distinctive “waist-shaped” can as part of their brand identity. In recent years, a new sort of cone-top type can with a twist-off lid has emerged, and many businesses now sell at least one of their coffee varieties in this format. 

The Tokyo Motor Show, various sports teams and events, and popular manga characters are just a few of the many occasions worthy of commemorative cans in Japan.  

4: The Time Saving Is Substantial

Japan is a country that values time above all else. They are always prompt, which is commendable given that being late is immoral.  

Buying a can of coffee from a snack vending machine in your office can save a lot of time. You may rest assured that you won’t be late for work because you had to stop and make coffee.

5: Numerous Possibilities Exist

You can have your coffee in a can, either hot or cold, iced or black. When it comes to coffee, Japanese customers deeply love Boss products. Boss has the widest variety of flavors, while Fire and Wonda are also popular.  

6: Coffee In A Can Is Very Popular

There is widespread availability of canned coffee in Japan. Canned coffee is popular because of its portability and is readily available from vending machines.  

The availability of a wide range of flavors also contributes to the overall attractiveness and prevents boredom. Whether you are heading to your busy China globe valves manufacturing firm early in the morning or ready to drop your children to school, simply grab a coffee can on the go and survive for the rest of the day.  

7: Superior Substitute

A canned coffee beverage also removes the need to argue with alternatives like soft drinks. There’s a strong chance that the sugar in a soft drink is doing you more harm than good.   

If you are making your own sugar free jams and sweets to lose weight, you might be storing it in your favorite quality glass jars for food storage to meet your sugar craving without any harm. But excessive soft drinks intake can ruin everything.  

Your daily caffeine requirements can be met by drinking only one can of instant coffee, which also has other positive effects on your health. There is a reason why caffeine is included in many fat burners on the market.  

Caffeine enhances metabolic rate and fat oxidation partly because of its stimulating effect on the central nervous system. 

8: Various Coffees Available In Cans

In Japan, canned coffee comes in a wide variety of flavors, most of which are part of a certain company’s standard offering. Milk coffee, which is typically sweetened with milk, is very popular.  

Black coffee, “low sugar”, cafe au lait, and milk coffee without sugar are all popular alternatives to sweetened beverages. Hazelnut-flavored coffee is one of the few flavored coffees that Georgia has ever offered.  

Even seasonal coffees, such as iced coffee, appear during the warmer months. The coffees are typically offered in both hot and cold forms. 


Numerous scientific studies have shown the health benefits of coffee, which is rich in antioxidants. 

Most healthy adults can consume between 400 and 600 milligrams of caffeine daily without ill effects. This is equivalent to around 4-6 regular cups of coffee per day, or about 6 mg/kg (3 mg/lb) of body weight. 

Some people are extremely sensitive to it, while others may tolerate even very high doses with no ill effects. There is a strong hereditary component to this. Just try different amounts till you find what works for you. 


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