Fort Worth’s Leading Drug Testing Centers: Where to Go for Fast Results

Leading Drug Testing Centers
Leading Drug Testing Centers

Every year, drug abuse make U.S. companies spend endless dollars, including reduced productivity, accidents, unexcused absences, and high worker’s compensation claims.

The National Safety Council states that employees abusing prescription drugs have a higher chance of taking unexcused absences. That aside, they are most likely to turn up late for work, be violent at the workspace by picking fights with others, and have less contribution to the overall progress of the company.

The U.S. Department of Justice further asserts that close to 40% of employee theft and 50% of office accidents result from drug abuse. In Fort Worth, Texas, close to 13% of people have been found guilty of using drugs in a population of 5 million. That means close to 8% of the entire population contributes to substance abuse.

Even though Fort Worth drug use rates are a little better compared to the national average, it is still an issue that needs to be dealt with carefully. Hence, employers must opt for drug testing before taking an employee on board or even while they have been recruited, should a concerning situation arise.

Are you wondering how to go about it? If so, this article can be of help. Here, we will share some of the best drug testing centers located in Fort Worth that will provide you with the best services.

Drug Testing Centers In Fort Worth

As you Google ‘drug testing in Fort Worth, Texas’, you will come across several drug testing centers that might make it difficult for you to choose one. While you know the factors based on which you should finalize a center, it would be easy if someone would just name a few choices for you to narrow down the one that caters to your requirements.

Here are a few testing centers that are known for the quality and timely service they offer to their clients:

Staff Labs and The Wellness Focus Center, LLC

It is a leading drug testing center situated in Fort Worth, Texas, and specializes in lab testing and various wellness services. It comprises DOT and Non-DOT drug testing, paramedical exams, blood collection services, DNA testing, and many more.

You could be seeking drug testing for personal or professional reasons; the center will cater to your needs with complete precision. Additionally, when you walk into the center, you will be impressed with the clean and professional environment. There are almost no wait times, and the reports are delivered within the committed time. The outcomes are accurate and enable employers to make the correct decisions about their employees.

The center also provides coupons and has a local facility, which adds ease and convenience to the services that it offers. And since there are wellness services as well, as an employer, you can recommend it to the concerned employee as a part of their treatment to help them recover better.

Health Street

Health Street, in Fort Worth, Texas, comprises more than 10,000 testing labs nationwide, which specialize in Non-DOT and DOT drug testing. Employers can register for either hair follicle tests or drug testing.

The center also provides facilities for drugs testing, which includes breathalyzer tests. They also offer employment and court-ordered drug testing. Apart from that, the center organizes random drug testing modules for companies and individuals, along with onsite post-accident testing.

Health Street provides its services at a reasonable price as well. You can opt for the 5-panel urine drug test for $75. However, when you decide to choose the 22-panel test, it can cost you $399.

The center suggests that the ideal testing services are the ones that provide employers with precision, flexibility, and ease. Here, you have access to multiple testing choices that ensure safe results from the certified laboratories under SAMHSA.

Westside Drug Testing & Lab Services

This center provides you with drug testing for both individual and professional purposes. The center has mobile drug testing that specializes in screenings with quick results straight from the lab. You will get the results through an email, and you don’t need to pay any extra amount for it.

The center offers employers breathalyzer tests, sweat patch tests, urine screenings, hair and nail tests, and blood tests. What distinguishes this center from others is that they can reach out to you. The mobile lab testing will bring about a massive difference in the types of employees you have onboard and the productivity level they all generate.

In conclusion, no employer wants conflicts at work because of employees who are guilty of drug use. Even though the signs can suggest that someone is under the influence of a substance, employers need valid proof before they conclude this. It is here that the drug testing centers in Fort Worth can be of help and enable you to have a secure and productive work environment.

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