Effective Tips for Staying Sober in Summertime

Tips for Staying Sober in Summertime
Tips for Staying Sober in Summertime

Summer is a much-awaited season for all to have a fun time with others on vacations or at parties! However, these summer festivities might make staying sober a tad bit more difficult than the usual days. Here, we will talk about strategies that will help you consider ahead of time how to deal with difficult situations in order to prevent temptation and relapse in the summertime and stay on track on your addiction recovery journey.

Risk Management

No, we are not talking about any business strategies here, but you must know that the risk of getting off track is always here when you are recovering. So, always remember that summer enjoyment is not always risk-free. You should be ever-ready to deal with tempting situations and people.

Summer’s unfamiliar atmosphere of a vacation might provide obstacles for persons in recovery. While enjoyable, the excitement of visiting a new location and making new acquaintances may rapidly turn out to be overpowering if you’re not psychologically ready for that.

The summertime also brings unexpected temptations and “slips” of all types, not only those involving drinks and substance abuse. People frequently get involved in food and desserts, or they overpay for holiday activities and mementos. Don’t let a lack of discipline in one area lead to a slippery slope.

Be Prepared for Stressful Situations

You need to get ready in preparation for how to deal with difficult or enticing circumstances. In this regard, you can employ the 5 “Ws” to help you spot the correct mentality for your summer activities:


  • Can I find a person to help me?
  • What kind of people and gatherings will I be around?


  • What things can trigger me or tempt me?
  • How will I manage to deal with my cravings?


  • Am I prepared enough to deal with the summer environment of festivities?
  • Where are the local meetings?


  • Should I attend meetings when I’m on vacation?


  • For how long are the vacations?
  • When will I get back?

Learn to Say No

It’s more than saying no to alcoholic beverages and drugs. Some activities and individuals will put you in circumstances that will be harmful to your rehabilitation. The process of your sobriety is critical to your well-being, and people around you are also supposed to recognize this. However, you may find them insisting at times in spite of knowing your situation. Thus, you need to be ready to say no to them, even if you find it upsetting.

Trust Your Recovery Community

Summertime may be difficult, especially for people who are in an early recovery period. During these moments, you rely on your support network, i.e., sponsors and peers. They know what you go through when you are tempted. So, you must not be afraid to seek help from them. You can discuss your troubles and desires with a sponsor and attend meetings to reinforce the recovery message.


The longer summer days allow for greater diversity in activities, while holidays provide a reprieve from work and other obligations. It’s an ideal moment to reboot and psychologically reduce one’s worries. So, you have to pay attention to the present moment and take pride in where you are in your recovery journey. There’s a reason you’re sober, and it’s because you worked hard to get there. So, celebrate it!

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