Tooth Emergency: 7 Signs You Need To Visit An Orthodontist


Do you find it uncomfortable to smile in front of others? Do you face difficulty chewing or speaking? Do you have all of your pictures with a closed-mouth smile?

Orthodontics is a specialized dentistry niche that caters to repositioning and aligning teeth. It entails identifying and treating oral health problems concerning the bite, jaw, and face structure.

Although everybody has a variation in their teeth, people with misaligned teeth have a noticeable difference and are at higher risk of developing dental problems.

Statistics show about 14 percent of individuals had oral health problems in 2021. The US average of citizens who went for a dental checkup the previous year is 67%, while more than 75% of people claimed to visit a dentist in the state of Connecticut! This makes it the healthiest state in terms of oral health. However, it is worth noting that healthcare is more affordable in Glastonbury, CT, compared to the average cost of healthcare in the state.

Here are some indications you need to see an orthodontist immediately.

1- You have Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth are uneven teeth. Baby and permanent teeth can both develop or become crooked. Milk teeth can shift into crooked areas as they are too little to occupy the gum space allotted to them.

Although misaligned teeth are often considered a cosmetic concern, they can also cause oral health problems. Cleaning crooked teeth is a challenge, which raises the risk of cavities, gum disease, and even jaw pain.

You can consider consulting an orthodontist to avoid those awkward smiles and keep your teeth aligned and healthy. Your orthodontist may recommend Invisalign to help move your misaligned teeth to their correct positions. If you reside in Glastonbury, CT, use keywords like Invisalign treatment Glastonbury to search for the top orthodontic treatment clinics around you.

When it comes to your oral health treatments, we recommend you research the best treatment centers and opt for reputable ones with top ratings, as you probably would not want to compromise your health.

2- You Experience Difficulty Biting

Malocclusion or incorrect bite means your upper and lower teeth do not fit together. It is a common dental issue, and you shouldn’t ignore this.

There are four types of incorrect bites that people may experience.

Crossbite: Normally, your upper teeth are positioned in front of your lower set of teeth. Crossbite occurs when your upper teeth sit behind your lower teeth.

Overjet or overbite: A minor overbite is a common condition in which the top and lower sets of your teeth overlap slightly. Even though it is normal, people with serious overbite problems need to receive proper treatment. You can consult with your orthodontist to discuss treatment options like Invisalign.

Underbite: An underbite is the opposite condition of an overbite. It happens when your lower row of teeth projects more than the top set of teeth.

Open bite: If your jaws are closed, and your top and bottom teeth are not in contact, you may have an open bite. It may result in problems speaking and chewing.

No matter what type of incorrect bite problem you experience, it is always better to see an orthodontist to prevent developing other dental problems, such as tooth decay and gingivitis. Note that untreated malocclusion can also affect your mental well-being.

3- You suffer from Speech Troubles

It can be embarrassing when you are unable to talk clearly. In addition to being a sign of numerous conditions, speech difficulties can result from orthodontic issues.

Jaw misalignment might interfere with your speaking patterns and conversation. It might be challenging to regulate the direction of your jaw and produce words when your jaw is misaligned, leading to unsteady speech.

A trip to the orthodontist is the best option if you experience trouble speaking and cannot determine the cause.

4- You Experience Jaw Pain

Painful jaws are another indication that you need to see an orthodontist. When your teeth are misaligned, it may cause creaking pain or clicking sounds. It can also cause symptoms such as headaches and difficulty sleeping.

Consider scheduling an appointment with your orthodontist, and they will diagnose the reason behind your pain, helping treat your dental condition.

5- Difficulty Chewing

Not every dental problem is obvious. You may often find chewing your favorite foods difficult. Your jaws may move in a way you did not intend for them to, causing you to accidentally bite the inside of your cheeks. Unexpected tooth collisions may result in jaw pain, which is caused as a result of misaligned jaws.

Discuss with your orthodontist the foods you can chew easily and the difficult ones that cause pain. They will be able to identify the issue and suggest treatment to help with chewing and swallowing.

6- You have a Tooth Gap

Diastema, also called tooth gap, is a void or space between your teeth, especially in the top front row.

A fraenum that rests lower than usual keeping the two teeth apart, is the typical cause of gapped front teeth. The upper lip fraenum is the tissue that links the upper part of the lip to your upper gum.

It might be a common issue in children who are still milk-teething. As their jaws grow, while the milk teeth stay in place, the teeth usually get too little, creating gaps that last until the adult teeth erupt. However, if the spaces between your adult teeth continue, it may be a sign that the sizes of your teeth and jaw do not match, and you need professional assistance from an orthodontist.

7- You Are Concerned About Your Oral Health And Facial Appearance

If you have a misaligned tooth and feel self-conscious about the appearance and health of your teeth, it is an indication that you should consider visiting an orthodontist.

The way your teeth look has a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem. An orthodontics professional specializes in the alignment of teeth, offering various solutions and treatments that not only improve your oral health but also enhance your smile. Getting help from an orthodontist can be a game-changer in having a beautiful, confident, and healthy smile.


Recognizing warning signs that point to the necessity for an orthodontist’s appointment is a proactive way to maintain your oral health. Whether it is an incorrect bite issue, misaligned tooth, jaw pain, speech problem, or a tooth gap, an orthodontist can offer expert resolutions and treatment choices to address various oral health concerns. With the proper care and attention from an expert orthodontist, you can anticipate a brighter, more joyful, and healthier smile.

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