What Flavors Of Sheet Cake Does Costco Sell? [Full Guide]

sheet cakes at Costco
sheet cakes at Costco

Costco is a popular wholesale retail store chain that offers a wide range of products, including food and bakery items. One of the most popular bakery items offered by Costco is sheet cakes. These cakes are large enough to feed a crowd and are perfect for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and graduations. In this article, we will explore the different flavors of sheet cakes at Costco, the calorie content of these cakes, how to order a sheet cake from Costco, how to design a Costco sheet cake, whether Costco will bring back the half sheet cakes, and the reviews of these cakes. 

Costco sheet cakes come in just one size, which is a full sheet cake measuring approximately 16 inches by 24 inches. The price of a Costco sheet cake varies depending on the location and any customization options selected. On average, a plain undecorated sheet cake from Costco costs around $20-$25, while a decorated sheet cake with custom messages or designs can cost anywhere from $30-$70 or more. It is important to note that prices may vary by location and can be subject to change without notice. Customers can contact their local Costco bakery department for specific pricing and ordering information.

What Flavors Of Sheet Cake Does Costco Sell? 

Costco offers a variety of sheet cakes in different flavors. Some of the most popular flavors of sheet cakes at Costco include vanilla, chocolate, marble, and carrot. The vanilla sheet cake is a classic and is perfect for those who prefer a simple yet delicious cake. The chocolate sheet cake is rich and decadent, and is perfect for chocolate lovers. The marble sheet cake is a combination of both vanilla and chocolate, making it a popular choice for those who cannot decide between the two flavors. Lastly, the carrot sheet cake is a healthier option and is perfect for those who want a dessert that is slightly less sweet. 

How Many Calories Are In A Costco Sheet Cake? 

The calorie content of a Costco sheet cake depends on the size and flavor of the cake. A typical half sheet cake from Costco serves around 48 people and has approximately 190 calories per serving. This means that the entire half sheet cake has around 9,120 calories. However, the calorie content can vary depending on the flavor of the cake. For example, a chocolate sheet cake may have more calories than a vanilla sheet cake. It is important to keep in mind that these cakes should be consumed in moderation as they are high in calories and sugar. 

How To Order A Sheet Cake From Costco? 

Order A Sheet Cake From Costco
Order A Sheet Cake From Costco

Ordering a sheet cake from Costco is easy and convenient. Customers can either order in-store or online. To order a sheet cake in-store, simply visit the bakery department and fill out an order form. The order form will ask for the Costco cake size, flavor, and design of the cake. Customers can also choose to add a personalized message to the cake. Once the form is filled out, customers can submit it to the bakery department and pay for the cake at the register. 

To order a sheet cake online, customers can visit the Costco website and select the “bakery” tab. From there, customers can choose the type of cake they want, the size, flavor, and design. Customers can also choose to add a personalized message to the cake. Once the cake is ordered, customers can either pick it up in-store or have it delivered to their doorstep. 

How To Design A Costco Sheet Cake 

Customers can choose to design their own sheet cake at Costco. The bakery department offers a variety of designs, including traditional designs like flowers and balloons, as well as more unique designs like sports teams and cartoon characters. Customers can also choose to add a personalized message to the cake. Additionally, customers can choose the color of the frosting and the type of decorations on the cake. It is important to keep in mind that certain designs may require additional fees. 

Will Costco Bring Back The Half Sheet Cakes? 

In June 2020, Costco announced that they would no longer be selling their popular half sheet cakes. This decision was made due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the cakes were often served at large gatherings and events. However, there has been speculation that Costco may bring back the half sheet cakes in the future. 

Starting in June 2022, Costco has resumed stocking and selling half-sheet cakes on a full-time basis. These cakes are available in both pre-made and customizable options, with the ability to order them either undecorated or already decorated. For custom orders, customers are advised to provide at least 48 hours of notice. 

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Costco Sheet Cake Reviews 

Costco sheet cakes
Costco sheet cakes

Overall, Costco sheet cakes are highly rated by customers. Many customers praise the delicious flavor and affordability of these cakes. Customers also appreciate the convenience of being able to order and customize their cake at Costco. However, some customers have noted that the frosting on the cakes can be overly sweet and that the designs may not always match the requested design. Despite these minor criticisms, the majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase of a sheet cake from Costco. 

Frequently ask Questions 

How long do Costco sheet cakes last? 

Costco sheet cake have a relatively long shelf life compared to other bakery items. Typically, an unopened sheet cake from Costco can last for up to a week when stored properly in the refrigerator. Once the cake has been opened and sliced, it should be consumed within 2-3 days to ensure optimal freshness. 

How many people does a Costco full sheet cake serve? 

A full sheet cake from Costco can serve up to 48 people, making it a great option for large gatherings or events. The cake measures approximately 16 inches by 24 inches and can be cut into smaller portions to accommodate varying serving sizes. 

Does Costco sell other kinds of cakes aside from sheet cakes? 

Yes, Costco offers a wide range of cakes aside from their popular sheet cakes. They offer round cakes in various costco cake size and flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. Additionally, Costco offers specialty cakes such as Tres Leches, Cheesecake, and seasonal options like pumpkin pie and yule log cakes during the holiday season. 

How far in advance do you need to order a Costco cake? 

To ensure that your desired cake is available and ready on time, it is recommended that you order your Costco cake at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. This is especially important for custom orders or during peak seasons when demand for cakes is high. Some locations may require a longer lead time for custom orders, so it is best to check with your local store for specific ordering guidelines. 


Costco offers a variety of delicious sheet cakes in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, marble, and carrot. Customers can order these cakes in-store or online and can customize the size, flavor, design, and message on the cake. While the calorie content of these cakes is high, they are a popular and affordable option for special occasions. While the half sheet cakes are currently not being sold, there is speculation that they may return in the future. Overall, the reviews for Costco sheet cakes are positive and customers continue to enjoy these tasty treats. 

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