Protect Your Teeth: The Top Reasons Athletes Should Wear Mouthguards


Do you know why mouthguards are becoming popular? Athletes usually wear mouthguards for many reasons. It not only protects their jaw from concussions, but these small devices can make a lot of difference in daily sports activity. It is a revolutionary product for the sports industry. As such, dentists in all sports fields recommend people to wear mouthguards. Read below to find out why dentists recommend two types of mouthguards. You can find the first in any sporting equipment store or large warehouse. These mouthguards come in colorful designs that look very convenient and appealing for young athletes to ensure the guard fits your bite.

Place the device in boiling water to make it soft before biting down to create the perfect bite mold. However, it would help if you made a note that these mouthguards are not something that is going to fit you snuggly; it does not help with the alignment, and it is not very durable when you compare them with the custom guard. To make sure that the mouth part is more durable it is better to get a customized one in terms of size and shape. Hence, you should go to a dentist to get one customized for yourself.

The dentist can get you a mouth guard that is wear and tear resistant and will also protect your alignment, thereby enhancing the function of teeth and jaw. However, you must ask your dentist for pricing when buying a custom mouthguard if you are planning to get it.

Top benefits of buying a mouthguard

Many athletes opt for a custom mouthguard for a variety of reasons, which are listed below:

It protects the teeth from fractures

What are the primary reasons dentists suggest athletes to wear mouthguards? Primarily to prevent oral tooth fractures during sports activities. These fractures can even occur due to any impact on the jaw or teeth, requiring either repair or surgery. Mouth guards are a very effective and simple solution that can absorb the impact, preventing accidents leading to broken teeth and unbearable pain.

Prevents concussions

During any sports activity, the risk of concussion is very high. You have helmets that help you protect your head or your brain. However, a mouth guard is a very effective way to protect your jaw. It is because these mouthguards will remain safe. After all, they will absorb the shock, thereby limiting the movement of the jaw. Like helmets, it is highly recommended that you don’t forget to get a customized mouth guard to help you protect your jaw.

Prevents teeth knockout

During athletic activities, teeth can get knocked out of the mouth and cause some serious injuries. Wearing a mouth guard will create a cushion in between and help absorb the impact. It will considerably reduce mouth-related injuries, including dislocated teeth. If in case of any such injury, you should immediately take action to prevent further damage. Do contact reputed dentist at Dublin Dental Care to get a custom mouthguard to protect your tongue, cheek, jaw, and tooth.

A mouthguard is your go-to device to fit into every sporting bag!

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