How to Cope with a Healthcare Paper

Healthcare Paper
Healthcare Paper

A healthcare paper is a research document in which the author conducts a systematic analysis of several opinions aimed at revealing the essence of the issue under consideration. The purpose of writing a paper is to test the ability to work with literary sources, the correct execution of the document according to the established requirements, highlighting the key points of the issues raised, etc.

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How to plan a healthcare paper

The paper plan helps the author to correctly structure the collected data, organize and systematize the available data, and sort the information by paramount importance in accordance with the given research topic.

Four possible options for drawing up a plan for the healthcare paper:

  1. When creating a plan, the author needs to take into account the main topic of the project – this allows you to correctly formulate the goal and objectives of the study and to compose the required headings of chapters/subsections of the main text of the paper.
  2. The plan is drawn up on the basis of the collected and systematized literary sources on the research topic. Such an approach will determine the logic of the further presentation of the text of the paper and limit the scope of the future document.
  3. A combined version of the plan: the author takes into account the topic of the paper and the analyzed sources of information.
  4. The plan is based on keywords. For example, “develop,” “explore,” “compare,” “analyze,” and “influence.” This drafting method helps to identify the fundamental points of future research and simplifies the writing of the healthcare paper itself.

Is it possible to make a paper table of contents based on the plan? How to do it?

How to format a healthcare paper in accordance with basic requirements

  1. The text of the paper is typed in one-and-a-half intervals.
  2. If the paper is printed in a Microsoft Word text editor, we recommend using Times New Roman or Arial font with a font size of 14 pt. When working with other text editors, the font is chosen by the author of the document independently but is subject to up to 60 lines per page.
  3. Each new structural part of the paper begins with a new page.
  4. The recommended indent between the chapter and the paragraph is equal to two intervals.
  5. After the name of the heading, located in the central part of the line, the dot is not put down. Also, underlining and manual hyphenation in the heading/subheading title is not allowed.
  6. Paper pages are numbered consecutively, in ascending order. The page number is placed in the central part of the line, in the middle of the page.
  7. The title page of a healthcare paper is included in the count of the total number of pages, but it is not numbered.

How to draft a healthcare paper?

The structure of the paper consists of six main elements – this is the title page, table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion, and bibliographic list. Appendices are not mandatory – they are indicated if necessary.

Healthcare paper introduction

The recommended volume of introduction is up to 15% of the total volume of the paper. The main goals of the author are to briefly describe the essence of the work done, identify the main tasks, and argue the rationality of the chosen solution to the problem.

How to write an introduction? What does it indicate?

  1. The relevance of research. In this part, the choice of the topic of the document is argued, and the need for the study is substantiated.
  2. The goal of the work. Here the topic of the essay is concretized, with the main focus on the subject of research.
  3. Brief description of tasks. To achieve this goal, the work is divided into several main stages (tasks). The main essence of the tasks is displayed in the wording of the headings of the chapters of the main part of the healthcare paper.

The main body of the healthcare paper

The main part is paragraphs/chapters that reveal the main provisions of the topic of the document and a description of the actions performed by the author necessary to achieve the goal.

The main part of the paper, depending on the topic, consists of three main chapters:

  • First chapter. This part of the paper contains the theoretical substantiation of the research topic. It also contains excerpts from relevant information sources in the area under study, the choice of research direction is argued, and an objective assessment of the study of the topic by researchers is carried out. The first chapter also explains the methodological techniques and principles used in the paper.
  • Second chapter. In the analytical part of the document, the given theoretical information on the topic of the work is analyzed; the data of the experiments and the necessary calculations are carried out. There is also space for the author’s personal research on the topic under consideration.
  • The practical part of a healthcare paper contains a specification of individual data given in Chapter 2: it all depends on the direction of the study.

Conclusion of the paper

This section is a brief description of the research. The volume of the conclusion is up to 10% of the paper.

What should be included in the conclusion?

  1. A brief description of the work performed and the results obtained.
  2. Setting an emphasis on achieving the goal/objectives specified in the introduction. It is recommended to format the text in such a way that each problem posed corresponds to the solution obtained.
  3. Summing up the general results of the study.
  4. Author’s recommendations.

To write a healthcare paper, you should choose a suitable topic not from among the “general” ones. The text of the document is drawn up in a scientific style and in strict accordance with the requirements provided by the teacher. Using keywords on the topic of research and drawing up a plan simplifies the work on the paper.

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