Healthy Aging: Five Tips for Maintaining Senior Wellness

Tips for Maintaining Senior Wellness
Tips for Maintaining Senior Wellness

As our loved ones age, they become more susceptible to various health conditions, such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. This can make it difficult for them to care for themselves or live independently.

One practical solution is to have elderly parents live with their children. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 30% of aging parents reside with their adult children. This can provide a sense of security and comfort for both parents and children, and it can also offer an opportunity to ensure optimal health and well-being.

However, caring for elderly parents can be financially and emotionally challenging. The cost of medications and other healthcare services can quickly add up, putting a strain on family finances. But, if you live in Nashville, Tennessee, you can get state support through the Tennessee Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP). If your elderly loved one is eligible for Medicaid, you can also receive financial assistance through the Personal Care Services (PCS) program in Tennessee.

But what can you do to encourage seniors to live healthier lives? We have some suggestions, so read on.

1: Assist Them with Medication

With age, your elderly loved ones may become more vulnerable to different diseases requiring them to take medication. However, managing medicines on their own can be confusing for them. Therefore, helping your parents with their medicines will help them stay on top of their health.

You can assist them by keeping track of their medicines and staying vigilant about prescriptions to avoid any lapse in medication supply. You can take a medication schedule or set an alarm to ensure they take the dosage on time. Likewise, using prescription refill services from a good Nashville pharmacy would be more convenient so they never skip a dose.

2: Ensure Regular Checkups

Regular checkups and medical screenings are essential for keeping your aging loved ones healthy and identifying health problems early on. Seeing a doctor annually, or more often if needed, can help healthcare professionals monitor your loved one’s overall health, detect potential problems, and recommend preventive measures. It can also help manage their high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

You can encourage your senior loved ones to schedule an appointment with their doctor by emphasizing the importance of preventive care and early detection of an issue. Likewise, you can offer to accompany them to an appointment to provide support and ensure they feel more comfortable. Keeping track of their appointments and organizing their healthcare information can also make the process easier for them.

3: Create a Safe Living Space

Once you bring your senior loved ones home, creating a safe environment for them should be your top priority. One of the common reasons for injuries among older adults is falling, resulting in broken bones and injuries.

You can ensure a safe space by making simple modifications to your house. For example, you can install grab bars in the bathroom and remove loose rugs to lessen the risk of falls. Likewise, we recommend you install bright light fixtures in hallways and frequently used areas so they can easily spot a potential hazard from afar.

You should also ensure that the everyday necessities—such as medications, food, and telephone—are within access so they don’t have to exert themselves to reach basic items.

4: Keep them Busy

People in old age face a decline in physical abilities and overall health, causing compromised mobility. However, this can result in several health conditions. You can help your elderly loved ones stay active by suggesting activities depending on their mobility and interests. For example, taking them for a walk outside is a great idea. You can also help them practice yoga or find a senior exercise program to improve their mobility.

Involving them in low-impact sports like golf and dance are also fun activities to elevate their mood as well as meet new people. Gardening is also an entertaining activity to uplift their mood.

5: Encourage them to Socialize

Socializing can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression and increase cognitive functions in seniors. To help your aging parents foster relationships, you can encourage them to participate in social events with friends and family. You can also take them to local senior centers or programs that offer activities tailored to their interests. Besides, helping them enroll in a class or workshop is also a great way to provide them a chance to meet new people and build connections.

Wrapping Up

Senior loved ones hold a special place in our lives, and caring for them is a gratifying experience. It not only strengthens your bond with them but also brings a deep sensation of satisfaction and fulfillment. You can ensure their well-being and longevity by helping them with their medicines, keeping them busy, ensuring regular checkups, and helping them take part in fun activities.

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