7 Features to Look for in Tanning Salon Management Software

Salon Management Software
Salon Management Software

Are you running a tanning salon and thinking about expanding your business? It’s high time to automate your growing business so you can work on branding. Then you are on the right page; here, we will discuss the ultimate solution to all your problems. We are talking about tanning salon management software, an AI-based powerful tool that will boost the productivity of your tanning salon.

With the help of this best tanning salon software, you will be able to automate all your small tasks and optimize the workflow. Plus, it is the best way to motivate your workers to work hard and enhance customers’ journeys. 

7 Top Features of Software for Tanning Salons

As we all know, there are so many salon software claiming to be the best tanning salon software. But all of these software for tanning salons have their own types of pros and cons. Hence, It’s important to carefully consider all the features of any potential software before making a decision. Leaders of this industry are advised to read reviews and test the software to make sure it suits the specific needs of the business model. Some of the most important 7 features to look at before choosing the best tanning salon software are the following:

  • Appointment scheduling

Appointment bookings and scheduling are some of the most fundamental tools necessary for almost every salon and studio. A feature that will help your tanning salon get rid of all the hassle of manual appointment scheduling. This feature is mostly in the form of a powerful calendar in which you can overview, schedule, and cancel all the appointments easily.  One of the big advantages of this feature is that the salon manager can easily customize it according to the needs. Ranging from requirements, preferences, and any other useful information for appointment. 

  • Online Booking Portal

This feature is such a game changer for salons these days, as now customers can easily book their appointments themselves. Hence, the online booking portal by the Tanning Salon Management Software is eliminating all the struggles of manual appointment booking that are:

  • Time lag: Customers don’t have to show up or call for the appointments.
  • Double booking: Because now real-time availability is displayed here. 
  • Data entry: Customers type their own data, decreasing the possibility of data error.
  • No-shows:  Customers are less likely to forget their appointments when they themselves.
  • Miscommunication: Automated responses ensure that both clients and customers are on the same page.
  • Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

This is a relatively new conceptual feature that manages and track how salon relates and interact with their customers. It carries all the customer data, like contact information and order history.  The field of CRM tools is currently evolving, and businesses are trying to discover the benefits of this for business. Some of the key benefits of this feature are the following:

  • Lead generation: This tool is also helpful in lead generation with the help of insights and data.
  • Remarketing: Tanning salons can use the feature to remarket their services based on the data and insights.
  • Personalization: Also, salons can enhance the customer’s journey from booking to after-service care by providing personalised services.
  • POS System and Inventory management

One of the important features of the tanning salon management software is the POS system. That helps you to manage all the payments of the salons. Furthermore, it integrates the Inventory management system that helps salon managers automate the whole inventory. They can set the notifications of out-of-stock products and reorder them automatically.  Further, this system helps them to get helpful insights like which products are hot selling or not. At last, by aligning all the income streams, salons will be able to optimize their workflow. 

  • Marketing and Automation

Marketing is another important feature of the software for tanning salons that is really crucial to look for.  Some of the marketing tools are so powerful that they will empower salon managers to integrate all the social media channels and post them directly from one system. Additionally, there are lots of other benefits of this marketing feature:

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is an effective tool that can multiply marketing efforts efficiently.
  • Marketing automation: Through this feature, salons can integrate their social media channels and help you manage all in a single system.
  • Metrics tracking: This tool also ensures that all key metrics have been tracked.
  • Marketing analytics: It also provides marketing analytics and in-depth reports for future marketing strategy and planning.
  • Widget: Salon managers can sell their products, too, along with the memberships and services on the widget. 
  • Staff management and portal

When you are managing the tanning salon, you are not just managing the customer; moreover, you have to manage the employees too. With the help of this useful feature of Software for tanning salons, you will be able to track the employees’ work.  That includes:

  • Check-in
  • Checkouts
  • Work progress etc

Further, it will help you manage payrolls and employee records.

  • Mobile App

The last feature that is crucial to take a look at is the custom mobile app—a fine way to empower your customers to have an easy way of online booking and engagement. With a custom-built mobile app, your tanning salon can keep track of customer bookings, loyalty programs, and customer feedback. You can also provide personalized offers to customers based on their past purchases. Additionally, with the help of tanning salon management software, a mobile app can help you reach more customers and increase your revenue.


The last but not least, here is the advice that first maps out all your needs and the requirements of the tanning business.  Secondly, try to write down your constraints, too, like a budget. It is really important to consider the cost of any software, as it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Thirdly, look out at all the possible and suitable best tanning salon software. Try to Research deeply, study them thoroughly, and even sign up for their demos if provided.  By following all precautions, you will be able to find the Software for tanning salons that suits your unique needs best

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