A Guide To Water Pipes: Cleaning, Safety and More

Water Pipes
Water Pipes

Lately, many people have started to look for different ways of smoking different types of herbs such as tobacco, cannabis, pot, weed, and others. One of the most common ways that people have started to smoke is through the usage of water pipes.

Water pipes have started to attract smokers due to their unique design and aesthetic feel of smoking. When using a water pipe or a bong, smokers enjoy the process of loading the tool with the herbs they wish to smoke alongside heating and burning the herb to get its flavor. For instance, when using Tsunami glass bongs, smokers load the herbs inside the bowl piece, fill the water chamber with water, assemble the water pipe, and, using a lighter, start to fire up the herbs and start smoking.

Alongside providing a unique smoking experience to smokers, water pipes have become popular due to their different types and designs that provide smokers with the opportunity to choose their preferred type that matches their aesthetics.

Different types of water pipes

When it comes to choosing a water pipe, smokers have the chance to choose from a wide variety. The most popular type is the straight tube made out of glass. The straight tube glass water pipe is a user-friendly product and does not have any complex methods of using it. There are also straight water pipes made of different materials, such as plastic and copper; however, glass is highly recommended for smoking.

Another type of bong is the beaker base, which has a wider water chamber that allows smokers to enjoy a cooler hit. In other words, using a beaker base shaped bong, when the herb starts to produce smoke, the smoke will have more room to circle in the water chamber, allowing it to cool off and allow the smoker to get a cooler hit.

On the other hand, some companies have started to produce the recycler bong that is designed to minimize the negative health effects which are associated with smoking. For instance, when using a recycler bong, the smoke will go through a percolator that will filter the smoke as much as possible before going through the mouthpiece. Thus, if you want to minimize the effects of smoking, start by using this type of bong.

Numerous other types of water pipes exist – such as the bubbler, percolator bong, gravity bong, and others; hence, when purchasing a water pipe, research and understand which type best aligns with your preferences.

What are the components of water pipes, and how do they work

Even though some types of bongs have additional components that enhance the smoker’s experience, there are some mandatory components every water pipe should have.

First, the water pipe needs to have a pipe, which is evident from the name of the device. The pipe is mandatory since it is the only way where people will be able to inhale the smoke.

The water chamber is another necessity on a water pipe since people will have to fill it with water, which will serve as a cooler for the smoke.

The bowl piece is used to store the different types of herbs. The bowl piece on some water pipes can be detached from the tool to allow people more accessibility when loading the herbs. On the other hand, if you want to get a better flavor from the bong, make sure not to mix different types of herbs in a single bowl piece.

How to clean water pipes

One of the most important steps when smoking using a water piece is to clean all of the components. Cleaning the components of a water pipe is important as it prolongs the product life cycle of the device.

Smoking using a water pipe can eventually cause additional residue to build up inside the water pipe, which can lead smokers to inhale toxins if the residue is not cleaned. Thus, to avoid this situation, ensure to soak all parts in alcohol and salt or baking soda to ensure all the residue is cleaned.

What safety precautions should be taken into consideration

Lastly, when using a water pipe, ensure to familiarize yourself with the safety precautions that you need to take into consideration when smoking.

For instance, it is essential to know which types of cannabis and herbs are legalized in your country. On the other hand, familiarize yourself with the right amount of each herb that is considered right when smoking it to avoid overdose.

Additionally, since users will need to light the herbs on their own using a lighter, it is important to consider the safety risks associated with smoking herbs. In other words, make sure the herbs do not get caught on fire and cause any accidents.


In conclusion, using water pipes has become a trend in the smoker’s community. If you want to start using water pipes, ensure to understand which type is the best for you, know how to use the tool, and educate yourself on the safety precautions.

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