Denture Defects That Indicate the Need for Immediate Denture Repair

Need for Immediate Denture Repair
Need for Immediate Denture Repair

One of the most widespread solutions to replace missing teeth and restore your smile is dentures. Nevertheless, dentures are not infallible and may be damaged by several flaws through time.

Some of these defects are minor and can be repaired at home, while others require urgent attention from a specialist denture repair service. In this post, we will highlight three of the most typical denture defects that call for a swift repair and how to avoid them.

1: Cracked or Broken Dentures

Some of the most visible indications that your dentures need to be repaired is if they are broken or cracked. This may occur for many reasons, including dropping them accidentally, chewing on hard foods or wearing it continuously without cleaning.

The pain, infection & difficulty in chewing and talking due to the cracked or broken dentures are usually uncomfortable. They also damage the stability and fit of your dentures affecting it negatively even more.

Hence, if you find any cracks or breaks in your dentures, make sure to see a prosthodontist or use the services of a qualified mobile denture repair company for immediate restoration. Don’t try to fix them yourself with glue or other household stuff, because it can only worsen your oral health.

2: Chips and Stains

Chipping or staining of the artificial teeth is also a widespread denture defect. Chips and stains may develop as a result of wear, exposure to acids in foods or drinks, smoking habits or poor hygiene.

Aesthetically, your denture becomes undesirable as the chips and stains affect its charm. They may also interfere with the way your denture works, so that you can’t chew or speak properly.

So, when you see any chipped or stained areas on your denture teeth, contact your dentist to help repair them. They could also help to polish the affected teeth, change their shape or replace them in order to achieve a better look and improve your denture performance.

3: Looseness and Discomfort

One of the typical denture deficiencies is instability after a denture retrofitting. The reason for the loosening of your denture is this; your gums and jawbone change with time and may alter its stability. This may also happen if you fail to clean, store or handle your denture properly and its base starts warping.

Looseness may result in complications like slippage, inflammation, ulceration and infection of the gums or mouth. Therefore, if you feel any pain in wearing denture, please do not hesitate to contact The Mobile Denture Repair Company to help fix it. They can help to reline or rebase your denture right there in your home, modifying its fit.


Dentures provide an effective solution to replacing missing or damaged natural teeth but they need constant care if you want them in good condition. In case you observe any signs of denture deficiencies like cracks, fractures chips stains looseness or discomfort, make sure to report the issue for prompt repairs from your dentist or prosthodontist. In this way, you will be able to prevent additional damage of your denture and not cause further complications for your oral health.

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